Canvas & Upholstery Shop

Restoring Your Boat to New

All new canvas shop right here at Spicer's. We can take you're old canvas and make it new again. See below for our pricing.

Mooring Covers
16' – 18'

Outdura $950.00
Weathermax $1095.00
18' – 20'

Outdura $990.00
Weathermax $1190.00
21' – 24'

Outdura $1200.00
Weathermax $1450.00
Mooring covers include: drawstring bottoms, web tie down straps, ventcaps w/poles
  Fishing Boats
Up to 15'
16' – 20' $1670.00
Covers include: made from top gun marine material, snaps around bottom of cover, ventcaps w/poles. Does not include: snaps on boats, motor covers (both optional)
Motor Covers
Made from top gun marine material, drawstring at bottom $295.00

Standard Repairs

  Replace Snaps $20/ Ist - $5 Add. Inc. Snap
Stayput Bungees $25 Ea Inc. Stayput
Zippers $100 Inc. Zipper
Repair Holes $45 Dep. On Size Of Hole
Repair Pole Openings $65 Does Not Include Ventcaps
Vinyl Repairs $85/1st - $45 Add Pending Inspection Of Repair, Size & Condition
Restitch Covers $70/Seam

Restitch Bottom

Pontoon Covers $150 / Boat Covers $90
Premier J-Clips $25/1st - $10 Add Includes J-Clips
Pontoon Covers
Upto 22' Outdura $1475.00
Weathermax $1660.00
23' – 25' Outdura $1725.00
Weathermax $1960.00
Covers include: snaps around bottom of cover, ventcaps w/poles, webbing & binding around bottom of cover, flaps & collars around bimini uprights. Does not include: snaps on boat, premier j-clips, zippered entry door (optional items)
Upto 22' $2150.00
23' – 25' $2450.00
Covers include: weathermax marine fabric, skirt & j-clip construction w/ webbing & binding, ventcaps w/poles, flaps & collars for bimini uprights.
Sewn On Cover For Front Deck Outdura $325.00
Weathermax $360.00
Zippered Intry Door W/5' Zipper $175.00
Matching Storage Bags $120.00
Pontoon Bimini Replacement Tops
  With Legs $675.00  
Standard $515.00
Boot $185.00
Tops include: outdura marine fabric, snaps & zippers
Does not include: frame or hardware on pontoon.

Runabout Bow & Cockpit Covers

  16' – 20' Cockpit Cover $1020.00
Bow Cover $440.00
Set $1460.00
21' – 25' Cockpit Cover $1200.00
Bow Cover $475.00
Set $1675.00
Covers include: outdura marine fabric, webbing & binding around perimeter, ventcaps w/poles (only poles on bow cover), snaps around covers. Does not include: snaps on boat, stayput bungees.
T-Bar: Replaces Ventcap W/Pole $65.00
Screw Studs, Installed On Boat $ .75 Ea
Windsheild Clips, Installed On Boat $ .75 Ea
Stayput Bungees , Installed On Boat $50.00 Set

Replacement Boat Bimini Top

  W/O Legs $450.00  
With Legs $500.00
Boot $185.00
Includes: Ourdura Marine Fabric, Binding. Does Not Include Frame

Seadoo Seats

  Single Seats Includes Vinyl & Existing Strap Cleaned $225.00
Triple Seats Front Section $225.00
Rear Section $165.00
Both Sections $365.00
Any foam or parts (corner caps) will be an additional charge (subject to availability).
Straps new or recovered will be an additional charge.
Note: some seats skins cannot be replaced, we can only covered over the existing skin. (the skin is bonded to the foam & cannot be removed)
Special note: any work done from existing covers or customer supplied measurements will be subject to additional charges, if any changes have to be made to covers after the cover is completed. Including the charge to travel to the boat to check on fit.
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